Tracy Chen


Tracy Chen

Business Broker

Mobile: 021 566 939

About Tracy


With over twenty years of experience running her own businesses and investing in commercial properties in New Zealand, Tracy brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Coupled with nearly ten years of sales experience in various sectors of the real estate industry, she has honed her skills in selling a diverse range of businesses.

Tracy has successfully sold multiple franchise and independent brand businesses, spanning sectors such as motels, fitness, supermarkets, and hospitality. Her extensive experience allows her to provide in-depth insights into the pros and cons of business operations from multiple perspectives.

If you are looking to enhance your competitive edge in a turbulent market or seek professional sales advice to navigate complex business environments, Tracy is the expert you need. Her professional guidance will help you maintain a strong operational position and make informed decisions.

Contact Tracy today for a consultation. With her expertise, you can be confident that you are making the best choices for your business’s future. You will not be disappointed.

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