Sunny Liu


About Sunny

Sunny Liu is a skilled business broker with a diverse background in law, business management, and entrepreneurship. Her educational achievements include a Diploma of Conveyancing, a Diploma in Legal Executive Studies, and an MBA in Law and Business Management from China University of Political Science and Law. She has excellent customer service and negotiating skills and speaks both English and Mandarin.  

With hands-on experience as the owner of a franchise ice cream & bubble tea shop, and previous ownership of an accommodation business, Sunny brings practical insights to her role as a business broker. Her past experience as a marketing coordinator for a nationwide retail shop further enhances her understanding of diverse business operations.

Sunny's unique blend of legal knowledge, business acumen, and entrepreneurial experience enables her to provide expert guidance to clients navigating the complexities of buying and selling businesses. Her multifaceted background makes her an invaluable asset in facilitating successful business transactions.

Sunny Liu (刘佳)曾就职于上海华夏邓白氏商业咨询公司, 2010年成为中国政法大学首届法商管理MBA. 2013年移民新西兰并就职于新西兰大型连锁零售公司市场部。在新西兰继续深造法律方向:Diploma of Conveyancing & a Diploma in Legal Executive Studies。曾投资过一家背包客栈,目前兼职一家连锁冰淇淋奶茶店的投资人。她在法商管理方面的专业知识和市场拓展方向的职业背景,以及她专注在商业领域不断探索的热爱与激情一定会助力您的商业版图!微信:SunnyLiubusinessbro or scan my QR code: