Simon Mundell


Simon Mundell

Strategic Advisor

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About Simon


Simon has a significant business background. Founding, scaling and exiting numerous businesses. He developed one of NZ's Largest Business Advisory companies growing it to 13 offices, in 3 countries with over 150 people. To assist the company's many clients with execution he also co-founded; a cloud-based business productivity platform aiding team alignment and accountability. was later acquired by a private equity firm.  


An entrepreneur at heart Simon has started, acquired and exited numerous businesses. Developing a business into the category leader has been at the heart of Simon’s success.


From small beginnings he grew Icarus Canopies into the Global Market-Leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance parachutes and one of the industry's most iconic brands. With manufacturing in New Zealand, the USA and Europe it was captalised & acquired by a US Manufacturer as a strategic acquisition.


As an advisor, Simon has aided many business owners to step away from the day-to-day demands of their business through the implementation of the systems and processes that allow a business to scale independently of the owner. As Simon says... "people don't run businesses - systems and processes do!"


One of the many companies Simon assisted over the years was ABC Business Sales. Several years ago, Steve Smith, ABC’s Founder & CEO implemented Simon’s recommendations and today ABC continues to grow from strength to strength under the stewardship of Chris Small who engaged as ABC's Managing Director. 


Simon has joined ABC Corporate to help business owners maximise the value of their exit. 

If you're looking to exit your business; all the ingredients are lining up, It's the perfect storm. The ideal timing is NOW"


Simon can assist you with determining the strategic elements of your business that acquirers will pay a premium for.


Contact Simon to maximise your return.