Angela Zhu


Angela Zhu

Business Broker - Hospitality

Phone: 022 175 6917

Mobile: 022 175 6917

About Angela

Angela is a member of our Chinese team and has excellent customer service and negotiating skills and speaks both English and Mandarin.

Angela has a background in the furniture industry and six years experience as a Sales Manager in China. In 2002, Angela arrived in New Zealand and since then has worked as a Marketing Manager in Ceres Limited for two years. 

WeChat: Weibogewan

Angela Zhu ,2012年加盟ABC公司,积累了丰富的行业经验,她强大的责任心,丰富的专业经验,热情和高效的工作能力,以及细致耐心的服务品质,得到了很多买家和卖家朋友的肯定和认可。这些年,她协助过很多华人的新老移民,为他们在异国他乡创业,开拓一份事业,提供了很多宝贵的专业意见和买卖建议。2019 年Angela Zhu 荣获ABC Top Sales 奖。

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Angela's testimonial

"Angela Zhu is a highly professional and efficient agent. She captured the essence of my business straight away, and managed to have an offer a day after my business was listed. She has a deep understanding of the market and was able to help set a realistic expectation for the selling price and selling process. Angela Zhu is also very patient and able to adjust to ever changing situations. We had some slight hiccups during the process, and Angela was able to guide things through with her experience. I've sold another business before, listing with other companies and other agents, it ended up being very lengthy and ultimately led to a dead end. I'm very happy with my experience listing with Angela, and I definitely recommend listing with her!"


"Angela Zhu是一位非常专业并高效的agent。她快速准确地捕捉了我店的优势,并在listing放出一天后就成功拿到了一份offer。她对于市场非常了解,因此能在卖店过程中给出准确并真实的预估和建议。Angela Zhu同时也非常有耐心和懂得变通。在买家沟通过程中有的小问题,她都能用她丰厚的行业经验轻松解决。我有过和其他公司/其他agent卖店的经验,结果都不理想,长时间没有合适买家联络最终导致私卖。与Angela的合作体验相比起来非常好,我很满意,非常推荐!"


"Angela Zhu is an extremely responsible intermediary. Not only did she assist in connecting various buyers in the initial stages, but she also continuously followed up and provided assistance after the deal was negotiated. In fact, there were many unexpected incidents during this collaboration, such as various shortcomings from the property management company. Surprisingly, the head of the management company went on vacation three times during this short two-month period, causing significant inconvenience to our transaction and even shaking the confidence of both buyers and sellers. However, under Angela's patient guidance, the transaction was ultimately completed successfully. We are very grateful for all the assistance during this period, and she is indeed trustworthy."


"I recently sold my business with Angela’s help via ABC. Her job was certainly professional and efficient. So the whole process was moving fast and smooth. She has good skills on communication with buyer and seller, and know how to reach both sides’ needs.

If you need a reliable business broker, I will definitely recommend her."



"Highly recommend Angela's efficient and dedicated service! Angela is very attentive and dedicated and can focus on some business advantages that I didn't notice. When I was busy with my own business and had no time to take care of the business, she quickly found 3 groups of buyers for me within a month and made an offer that satisfied me. After signing the exclusive contract, she quickly asked me for some information that buyers might need, which greatly saved time in asking each other. Sometimes we can only meet and communicate on weekends. Angela always accommodates my time without hesitation and is very dedicated! The satisfaction of one customer is accidental, the satisfaction of two customers is tacit understanding, the choice of three customers is word of mouth, and the recognition of countless customers, This is quality. Angela provided extremely efficient, attentive and patient service during my business transaction. Thank you very much and recommend Angela!"


"I have been looking for a suitable business for over 9 months and thanks to Angela helping me to finally find the right one that I always wanted. Her consistent and professional support throughout the whole business sales process is phenomenal. She kept me updated on the business information all the time during this 9 months and helping to negotiate with vendor to overcome the obstacles, without her persistence, I won’t be able to get this business. Highly recommended and thank you for what you’ve done. "


"I had been looking for a suitable business for over 9 months. I am very thankful to Angela who helped me finally find the right one that I always wanted. Her consistent and professional support throughout the whole business sale process was phenomenal. She kept me updated on the business information all the time during this 9 months and helped to negotiate with the vendor overcoming any obstacles. Without her persistence, I wouldn't have been able to purchase this business. I would highly recommend Angela and I thank her for what she achieved on my behalf."

Business Purchaser - Dee

"Angela Zhu is very committed and super-efficient. I wasted my time by searching for buyers through friends and other sources which was very painful and I never received the right offer for my business. Time became very tight when I sought Angela’s help. It's not easy to take on a task like that. It required strong organising skill to move things fast. Angela not only nails that but also is amazingly professional. After 3 days of the initial contact with Angela, she delivered an offer already. This truly surprised me given what I had been through in another sales channel. I definitely will recommend Angela. "


"Angela Zhu 非常敬业而且效率极高。我之前是通过朋友和其他渠道寻找买家,不过浪费了我大量的时间,沟通过程却非常痛苦,总是不顺利,而且私卖生意的这段时间里,我甚至从未收到过任何一份正式的购买邀约。当我寻求Angela的帮助时,留给她的时间其实已经变得非常紧迫,我能理解让Angela短时间帮我卖掉生意,这样的要求的确压力很大;不过,令人欣慰的是,Angela1她高效的组织能力和快速的行动力,不仅做到了这一点,而且非常专业。在与 Angela 签完独家Listing的第3 天,她已经拿到了令我满意的offer,这真的让我感到惊讶和佩服,我非常愿意向别的朋友推荐Angela的专业服务。"

Qishan Huang

"If you need to sell your business, just see Angela Zhu, the most professional and dedicated business broker we have ever met. Thanks for putting 100% effort into selling our small business. It’s been such a blessing to sell our business during the lockdown period. You helped us to have a closure with our past busy life and have enabled us to build a better future. We thank you for all your hard work."

"如果你需要出售你的生意,请考虑Angela Zhu。她是我们见过的最专业、最敬业的生意买卖经理人。感谢Angela为出售我们的小生意付出了100%的努力。在停工期间,她还能卖掉我们的生意,这真是太好了。她帮助我们结束了过去的忙碌生活,使我们能够建立一个更美好的未来。我们感谢Angela的辛勤工作"

Wendy & James

"My name is May. I was the owner of Lake Dumplings for 3 years. It was very stressful so of course I was very relieved when I finally sold it. Angela was very patient and professional even when there were lots of ups and downs when selling my business. She used her good marketing skills and a range of strategies to help us successfully sell the business. We are so very thankful and we will not hesitate to recommend Angela to our friends."

"我的名字是May ,我是赖客饺子店的老板,我接手这个生意三年多了,生意很好 但因为家庭原因,我最终决定卖掉它时。在出售我的生意的过程中,即使有一些起起落落,Angela一直非常耐心,爱心和专业。她运用她良好的营销技巧以及一系列策略帮助我们成功得售出了这个生意。我们非常感谢她。我们会毫不犹豫地把Angela推荐给我们的朋友。"


"Thank you so much Angela for selling our business. Your professionalism has amazed me. I still remember the hundred questions you asked during our first meeting while you attentively marked down the strength and limitations that we faced. Your friendly personality and intelligence made everything joyful. It clearly shows how much effort you put into this sale as you were always willing to go the extra mile and often worked with me after hours. You sold our business in just one month while other agents have tried for two years. You are our angel, I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. Thank you always."


Vivian Wang

"My name is Barry, the owner of a dairy store. I have tried to sell my business since 2018, but have not found a perfect buyer.

In September 2019, I asked Angela from ABC to help me to sell my business. She is diligent, hardworking and constantly introducing buyers. Her professional, attentive, patient, persistent, never give up attitude deeply touched me. I am really fortunate, even during the lockdown; Angela surprisingly helped me to sell my store, thanks again to Angela."

I’m extremely lucky to have met her, she is the best agent I have ever met! I would love to tell my friends about her abilities, if they are interested in selling their business, they must find Angela from ABC!"




Barry Chen

"I would like to give Angela Zhu my special thanks for her help in the purchasing of our first cafe. It was a very refreshing and enjoyable experience working with Angela who has so much integrity, knowledge and patience.

We are sincerely grateful for her outstanding efforts on our behalf. We are now the proud owners of a café on the North Shore, Auckland.  We were so impressed with Angela and would highly recommend her and your firm to others who seek expert guidance."

"我要特别感谢Angela Zhu帮助我们购买了第一家咖啡馆。这是一次非常愉快的经历,Angela很诚实,有经验且耐心。


Jenny - William Souter Espresso

"My name is Maggie, the owner of Jingan Shanghai Restaurant. We highly recommend Angela Zhu for her excellent work and professional advice.

We really appreciate her suggestions which helped sell the business at our desired price. Angela is knowledgeable, friendly and hard working. Her professional manner, attitude and communication skills during the process has really impressed us.

I will definitely recommend Angela from ABC Business Sales to my friends."

"我叫Maggie,静安上海餐厅的老板。我们极力推荐Angela Zhu出色的工作和专业的建议。

我们非常感谢她的建议,这些建议帮助我们以期望的价格出售了该生意。 Angela知识渊博,友好而努力。她在此过程中的专业态度,态度和沟通技巧给我们留下了深刻的印象。

我一定会将ABC Business Sales的Angela推荐给我的朋友。"


"I was the owner of a fried chicken takeaway. As it was my first time operating a business, I encountered several obstacles. Due to the current economic environment down turn, I decided to sell the business. Angela as a business agent understood my needs. She worked very efficiently everyda,y bringing interested buyers to visit my shop and always followed up on time. I really appreciate her help and would definitely recommend her to my friends or anyone else who would benefit from her services."



"I am writing this letter to say a big thanks Angela Zhu who works at ABC as a business sales representative. She recently has helped us sell our two hospitality businesses. With her wide knowledge and experience, the sale process went smoothly.  She dealt with the purchaser and us as the vendor very professionally, explaining all the terms and conditions before we carried out any actions. As a client, we are very satisfied with her service. She has great communication and problem solving skills. Whenever we approached her for anything, she always replied in a quickly with solid useful information.  We would highly recommend her to all our friends and family who need help either selling or purchasing a business. Thank you very much again Angela."


"Angela was a great agent helping us market and eventually sell our F&B business during this difficult COVID time. We found her hardworking, knowledgeable, practical, and really good at communicating through the negotiation. We would highly recommend her whether selling or buying in the future!"

Jack and Monica

"I am very grateful to Angela for her service. During the COVID-19 period, buying and selling a business was a very difficult choice for both parties. Angela helped to sell my restaurant (in Milford), finding a buyer to purchase at a reasonable price. We are very grateful for this, and thank her again for her patient communication. I would highly recommend her to my friends or anyone interested in selling or buying a business."

Jason & Anita