A city on the eastern shores of Tasman Bay, Nelson is the economic and cultural centre of the region.

About the Location

About the Location

Nelson is a famous lifestyle location, well known for its excellent environment and stunning scenery. This area has an equally famous arts and crafts scene, including galleries and works by many of New Zealand's best-known artists and designers.

There’s no mystery to the popularity of Nelson for both New Zealanders and international tourists. This is an area of extraordinary natural wonders, from beautiful beaches to untouched forests and rugged mountains.

Business in Nelson

Nelson provides opportunities for business investment in a range of different industries. The local market is known for its diversity, with large and small businesses in tourism, food and wine, as well as a range of other areas. Growth is stable but progressive, making Nelson the ideal location for entrepreneurial spirits and those looking to build on existing relationships.

We’re also looking for an expert to work with us in Nelson. If you believe you have what it takes to lead ABC into the future of business growth in Nelson and the region beyond, please click here to contact Colin May. We would love to hear from you.

ABC Business Sales in Nelson

Nelson’s business market provides a range of options for both business sales and those looking for new opportunities. To achieve the best possible price for your sale or to find the ideal business for your new venture, talk to our expert business brokers.

With expert business brokers in more than 50 industries, we can provide expert advice for buying or selling small businesses, investing in a franchise or working in hospitality.

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