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Lester’s uniquely enthusiastic and friendly approach ensures your business deals receive the in-depth and thorough attention they deserve, whether buying or selling your dream business.

About Lester

With over 28 years' professional business experience as one of New Zealand’s elite portrait photographers, Lester understands the need for absolute professionalism, respect and integrity.

Lester has photographed all the Prime Ministers in New Zealand from and including Sir Robert Muldoon. He is a Life Member and Past President of the Institute of Professional Photography and has been a judge of photography at the highest levels for 20 years.

Lester brings a fresh outlook to the Auckland team and his vision is to maintain a unique experience based on uncompromising client service, where integrity, individual consultation communication and professionalism combine to create an unforgettable experience, inspiring every client to recommend and refer others.


Our company was looking for an IT type business to complement our existing portfolio.  Lester de Vere from ABC Business Sales was approached as they listed such a company for sale.  In a prompt and thoroughly professional manner Lester introduced us to this business, all aspects of the business were presented. We later decided to put in an offer to purchase.  Lester informed us of the process including the fact there were multiple offers on the table and fortunately for us ours was accepted.  All through the due-diligence phase Lester kept us informed and even at the 11th hour when there was a minor glitch that required legal definition, Lester came to the rescue!  We were impressed with Lester’s diligent approach throughout the process right through to settlement, it was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend to anyone buying or selling a business to approach Lester de Vere at ABC.


Nappies Direct


If you are considering selling your business, you need to talk to Lester de Vere. From the very start, Lester was amazing to deal with. He clearly explained the process, identified key areas of consideration for the potential buyers, as well as for us as the sellers. Lester also demonstrated amazing understanding and insight throughout the sale. I could not recommend Lester highly enough.

Kevin D'Ambros-Smith

Motherbase Ltd


Thank you Lester, you’ve done a truly professional job and I totally appreciate everything you did especially the way you built my confidence to go to the market. I think we worked incredibly well as a team and the result shows that.

Peter Chapman

Wordcom Direct Marketing Agency




Location: Auckland

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